Virtual Builders Roundtable - Mission Statement

The Virtual Builders Roundtable is a group of designers, engineers,
fabricators, and builders active in the development of virtual
building processes and technologies to reduce the risks, costs,
and time associated with today's construction environment. The
mission of the group is to share knowledge among the members to
improve the processes and technology to build virtually by creating
3 and 4D object models to simulate construction of all types of
facilities. We also seek to educate the larger community of
owners/operators/investors, designers, builders, suppliers,
fabricators and specialty contractors about the benefits and
implementation of virtual building.
Virtual Builders Roundtable Update

The next Virtual Builders Roundtable will be held on Monday December
12, 2005 from 9 AM to 4.30 PM at the GSA office in Washington DC.  
The Registration for the Winter Roundtable is now open.
Registration for this workshop has now closed
.  Click here for the
Agenda of the

The Spring 2005 Virtual Builders Roundtable workshop was held at
Lease Crutcher Lewis offices in Seattle, Washington on Monday June
13th. Please go to the
Presentations Page to view the presentations from
the Round Table

Virtual Builders Roundtable